'Enfield Enforcer'

(Above No. 319)


- Can You Help with My Research project?

Enforcer No : 001 was at the Enfield Pattern Room in Nottingham, but is now located at the Royal Armoury Museum in Leeds (I know - I've held it!) The highest number they know of - 767 is currently in The U.S.A. - Where are the others? (Some went as far afield as Kuwait and Bangkok!) I know of several in Australia, and even one in Barbados!

All Enforcers still owned by U.K. Police Forces will be destroyed rather than sold - Enforcers will become even rarer as time goes by...

The Information I'm trying to collect about 'Enforcers' is :-

1) Town and Country each rifle is currently located in. (No names or addresses for security reasons)

2) Serial number on the left hand side of the receiver

3) Patent number of the receiver - which seems to range between 73,76 to 80.

4) The patent number on the barrel - which consistently seem to be 15572/73 - to see how many have been re-barrelled.

5) Any other markings the owner is willing to pass on - many rifles have matching serial numbers on
Receiver, Bolt and Magazine - although some have had bits swapped. Some owners are also prepared
to supply details of the Pecar (Or other) scopes currently fitted - and I'm interested if any are fitted with

6) I am also asking any correspondents / Owners to let me have Pictures if they are willing, with permission to pass copies of the picture on.

If any one will admit to Winning any Competitions with an Enforcer (i.e. 1st 2nd or 3rd) I would like to eventualy add a 'Table of Honour Page' to show just how good the Enforcer can be.

The results of the research will be published on this web-site.

I currently know the whereabouts of 161 Enforcers - can you add another one to my list?

Mark Stevens

Contents :-

Write to me ... Mark@amstevens.fsnet.co.uk

What is an Enforcer?

How An Enforcer Works

My Research project

A Bit of History

The Home Office Choice (NEW - Recently declassified information!)

The final Specification for the Enforcer (NEW - Recently declassified information!)

A Really Rare Document

The RSAF Brochure